In the bustling city of Moscow, mobile applications have become essential companions for navigating the vibrant urban landscape. With the plethora of apps available, residents and visitors alike can tap into a wide range of services designed specifically for the city, ensuring they never feel lost or disconnected in the vastness of Moscow.

Moscow City University understands the challenges of navigating the bustling streets of Moscow and provides a range of useful mobile apps to help residents and visitors stay on track and avoid getting lost in the city jungle.



1.Yandex Metro

Yandex Metro is a helpful app for MCU students that assists in navigating the the Moscow Metro network with ease and saving time during your daily commutes. It provides detailed information about the whole system as well as:

  • all the routes you can take in the Metro to your destination
  • estimated arrival times
  • real-time updates on service disruptions

2. Yandex Maps and Navigator

Yandex Maps and Navigator is a helpful tool for MCU students and faculty members. It provides detailed maps of Moscow, helping to plan routes and explore the city. The app can be a valuable tool as it provides the following opportunities:

  • real-time traffic updates for efficient navigation
  • opportunity to see all the transport around you on the map in realtime, as well as to save favorite locations and create personalised routes for convenience
  • turn-by-turn voice guidance so that you could easily find your way around the city

3. Yandex Go

Yandex Go offers various transportation options, including cars, taxis, and bikes, making it flexible for different travel needs. You can choose the most suitable mode of transportation based on their preferences and the distance they need to cover. Besides, this app may boast such features as:

  • food delivery – Yandex Go partners with a wide range of restaurants and cafes, offering a diverse selection of cuisine options
  • user-friendly app interface, making it easy to navigate and utilise its services
  • opportunity to track your rides or food deliveries in real-time, ensuring transparency and reliability

4. 2GIS

2GIS is a digital city guide and a detailed map available for many Russian cities, where you can plot routes, find places to eat, WiFi, or whatever you may need around your location. Its notable features are:

  • ability to download and access maps offline
  • multilingual support, allowing users to switch between different languages
  • opportunity to save the locations of your university and institute, accommodation, favorite cafes, libraries, and other important places

Language Support

1. Yandex Translate

Yandex Translate is an online translation service provided by Yandex, a prominent technology company. The app allows users to translate words, phrases, and even entire texts between different languages. This can be beneficial for those who may encounter language barriers in their studies, research, or daily life at MCU. The app has the following distinguishing features:

  • translation of images, documents or web pages to facilitate better understanding and communication
  • a wide range of languages, including commonly spoken languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and many more
  • audio translations, allowing users to listen to the pronunciation of translated words and phrases

2. Reverso Context

Reverso Context is an online translation tool that offers a vast database of translated sentences and examples from various sources. The app provides translations with relevant examples in context. This is particularly helpful for those who want to understand how specific Russian words or phrases are used in different contexts. By seeing translations in real-life examples, they can grasp the nuances of language usage, leading to more accurate and natural communication. Reverso Context distinguishes among others as it provides:

  • sentence examples and their translations, allowing to study sentence structure, idiomatic expressions, and grammatical patterns
  • audio pronunciations for translated words and phrases
  • a wide range of language pairs

3. Multitran

Multitran is a popular online translation and language resource platform that offers a comprehensive database of translations, examples, and definitions for various languages. It serves as a valuable tool for students and faculty members at MCU who may need assistance with language translation and comprehension. The app has the following benefits:

  • opportnuity to select among various language pairs, besides Russian and English
  • definitions and synonyms for words, enabling users to expand their vocabulary and improve their understanding of language nuances
  • wide range of specialised fields, including scientific, technical, and academic terminology