Yandex offers very useful apps for navigation around the city:


It shows you all the routes you can take in the Undeground to your destination, with the estimated arrival times. You can switch language to English. Desktop, iOS and Android versions are available.

2. Yandex.transport

It shows all the transport around you on the map in realtime. You no longer have to wait for you bus when it’s freezing outside. Just go out when it’s already arriving! Available for iOS and Android.


The collaboration of Yandex and Uber makes this service quite fast and affordable for driving around large Russian cities.  Use it in Moscow or St. Petersburg if you’re late for the last metro train. Available for iOS and Android.

4. 2GIS

An offline city guide and map available for many Russian cities, where you can plot routes, find places to eat, wifi or whatever you may need around your location. Desktop, iOS and Android versions are available.

Language Support


1. Google Translate

Besides the dictionary and automatic translation functions, the app has another useful feature — Translate images. You can translate printed or written Russian text by pointing your phone’s camera lens on it. Scan food labels in supermarkets or signs in the underground, until you pick up enough Russian to read and translate on your own.

2. Multitran

It is an online dictionary offering millions of words and collocations arranged by professional areas. You can select among various language pairs, besides Russian and English.

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