Oxana Prikhodko

Oxana Prikhodko

Post: Director of the Institute of Special Education and Psychology, Head of the Department of Logopedics
Academic credentials: Doctor of Education Sciences

  • +7 (499) 132-05-62
  • PrihodkoOG@mgpu.ru

Research Profile

Early care system for children with disabilities, early complex psychological and pedagogical diagnostics of development, complex rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, correction of cerebral palsy child speech and motor disorders, special and inclusive education for children


Early diagnosis of cognitive, speech and motor disorders in children development; Correction and developing upbringing of young children; Logopedics (dysarthria); Logopedics for children with motor disorders; Complex rehabilitation of children with infantile cerebral paralysis

Selected Publications

Prihodko О.G., Pjankova A.V., Philatova I.А. Using Digital Technologies for Formation of Oral Speech in Hearing-Impaired Pre-School Children by a Speech Therapist. – International Scientific Conference «Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects» (DETP 2020). – Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research, vol. 437. – р. 223-227.