#ScienceJuice2020 at MCU Institute of Digital Education

MCU Institute of Digital Education will host the open students’ conference #ScienceJuice2020. Students of the Institute will discuss the results of their research in the fields of mathematics, information science, methods of teaching, and digital technologies for education and business. The discussions will be held on November 26.


  • Information and telecommunication technologies for education in Russia and abroad; moderators: Prof. Vadim Grinskun and Prof. Victor Kornilov
  • International Baccalaureate: technologies of education; moderators: Prof. Olga Zaslavskaya and Associate Prof. Natalia Usova
  • Applied information science in education and research; moderator: Associate Prof. Lyudmila Ponomaryova
  • Applied information science in economics and management; moderator: Associate Prof. Sergey Chiskidov
  • Maths as a base of the contemporary teacher’s competencies; moderator: Associate Prof. Andrey Ushakov
  • Tips on methodology for teachers-to be; moderator: Associate Prof. Maria Kochagina
  • Engineering and technical education at school in the modernity; moderator: Natalia Voznesenskaya, Candidate of Pedagogy
  • Relevant issues of teaching Information Science at school and their solution; moderators: Associate Prof. Victoria Kondratieva and post-graduate student P. Merenkova
  • Educational robotics, mechatronics, and electronics; moderators: Associate Prof. Dmitri Abushkin and graduate student E. Rubis
  • Digitalization for business performance improvement; moderators: Prof. Yuri Frolov, Associate Prof. Lyudmila Dyagteryova, and Associate Prof. Tatiana Gurova
  • Technological platforms implementation in learning process and business; moderators: Prof. Sergei Volovikov, Associate Prof. Mikhail Bocharov, and Associate Prof. Roman Seryshev

Main events