Laboratory of Personality Potential Development in Education

The Laboratory’s activity is aimed at designing, supporting, and guiding system projects of personality potential development of all the participants to learning relations. The Laboratory conducts its activity on the level of educational institutions as well as on the municipal, regional, and federal levels. The Laboratory is established in partnership with the Sberbank Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future

The Laboratory’s key areas are:

  • design and promotion of learning and management technologies based on scientifically substantiated ideas of personality potential development;
  • expansion of the ideas of personality potential development through cascade training of teaching and management staff and support of their activity;
  • comprehensive professional support of the practice-oriented training of teaching and management staff; implementation of the personalized education technologies based on existent and upgrading authentic scientific development;
  • analytical, methodical, and publishing activity targeted at supporting teaching and management staff within the personality potential development programs.

Areas of the Laboratory’s research: 

  • questions of management, school studies, andragogy, pedagogy, and psychology for the system support of the personality potential development program of the Sberbank Charitable Foundation «Investment to the Future»;
  • counseling and expert support of the participants to the program;
  • design of the programs and guidance for training and support of the diverse group of participants to the program, their approbation and implementation;
  • the study, assimilation, and dissemination of the experience and leading practices; creation of the resource bank for the personality potential development;
  • methodological support of training and professional development of teaching and management staff.


Andrey Ioffe

Post: Head of Laboratory
Academic credentials: Doctor of Pedagogy, Candidate of Historic Studies

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