The research field of the laboratory includes the development of promising directions of the general education system development, including:

  • updating the content of education;
  • analyzing the problems of implementing state educational standards;
  • assessment of the main educational programs and programs of the school development.

The laboratory distributes and implements a model of network development of educational organizations implementing innovative practices and programs in developing and updating general education content, as well as distributes their innovative experience and know-how, within the framework of the Federal Targeted Education Development Project.

Nowadays, the laboratory is engaged in research and development in the following areas: working with parents and children studying at home and outside educational institutions; updating the content of general education (including for children with disabilities); work of open educational communities; functioning of a network of socio-psychological classes. The model of the problem-specific organization of educational activities of students and the model of training specialists in the formation and diagnosis of subject competencies and meta-subject learning effects are being implemented by the laboratory.

In addition, the laboratory develops methodological recommendations for improving educational activities of educational organizations, programs of additional professional education for teachers, elective courses for bachelors and masters in “Teacher training”, arranges and conducts conferences, round tables, seminars, webinars, interacts with educational organizations, cultural institutions, noncommercial organizations in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The laboratory provides the “School module” in the “Theory by Lev Vygotsky and Modern Educational Practice” Master’s program including basic courses on developmental education (D. Elkonin, V. Davydov), Student Achievement’s Monitoring evaluation tool etc.

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