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The Fourth Annual International Symposium “Education and City”

Moscow City University will host the Fourth Annual International Symposium on the quality of education and the role of education in the modern cities

The proceedings of the Symposium “Education and City 2020” published in the SHS Web of Conferences

The proceedings of The Third Annual International Symposium “Education and City 2020” held at MCU have been issued in Volume 98 (2021) SHS Web of Conferences.

“Work at School: Expectations and Reality”: research results

Researchers of the Laboratory of Professional Development in Education framed the most urgent questions of young school teachers and attempted to find their solution.

Evgeni Krasheninnikov on Development Dialogue

Evgeni Krasheninnikov of Laboratory of Child Development introduced the concept of dialectic thinking, which can be developed in a specific kind of dialogue between the parent and the child, at his open lecture.

Account of the International Conference on Pre-School Education

Staff of the Laboratory of Child Development at MCU’s Institute of System Projects participated in the regional science-to-practice conference on pre-school education

The faculty of the Institute of Secondary Vocational Education undergo qualification certification

The Institute of Secondary Vocational Education tests a tool for precise and unbiased certification of the faculty’s qualifications.

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