Top-Ranking Programs

The Institute od Secondary Vocational Education offers the following professional training programs for secondary and senior school graduates:

  • Primary Education
  • Correctional Pedagogy in Primary School
  • Pre-School Training
  • Special Pre-School Training
  • Co-Curricular Pedagogy
  • Physical Culture
  • Folk Arts (choreography)
  • Law & Social Welfare Management
  • Economics and Accounting (for professional spheres) 

Training Differently Abled Students for

  • Weaver
  • Embroiderer 

The programs last from 2 years 10 month to 3 years 10 month depending on the previous education. After successful graduation, students receive the Non-University Level Higher Education, which enables them either to apply their professional knowledge and skills to work at the relevant public or private institutions or continue their education to study for a higher degree.