Human Capabilities Lab

The Lab aims to research into the capabilities of the human body as well as provide informational and analytical services and expert advice in the field of human physical perfection.

The most topical among the Lab’s goals are

  • relevant scientific agenda formation,
  • scientific, technological, and innovational content development of the Institute educational programs,
  • and scientific and technological partnership improvement with concerned organizations.

The Lab implements a project on assessment of human body functional capabilities and adaptation reserve during physical training.

On the Lab’s basis, the following research paper were written:

  • Using wearable devices to stimulate students motor of physical activity and consequence physiological response/STRADZE A.E., PUSHKINA V.N., FEDOROVA E.YU., SIZOV A.E., EMELYANOV A.V.//PROPOSITOS Y REPRESENTACIONES: UNIV SAN IGNACIO LOYOLA, AVE LA FONTANA, S-N, LA MOLINA, LIMA, PERU, 00000-2020. № 2.-С.8-12. (WoS);
  • Study of school child motor activity using individual wearable devices — fitness-trackers/Aleksandr E. Stradze, Valentina N. Pushkina, Elena Yu. Fedorova, Irina N. Gernet, Andrei E. Sizov, Aleksandr V. Emelianov//RELIGACIÓN. REVISTA DE CIENCIAS SOCIALES Y HUMANIDADES Vol 4- Nº 19- Quito — Trimestral- Septiembre 2019 pp. 1156 — 1161 , ISSN 2477-50.


tel.: +7 (495) 603 54 41

Elena Fyodorova

Post: Head of Laboratory, Professor
Academic credentials: Doctor of Biology


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