The Legal Counselling Office

The Office provides legal counselling in written and oral form. It prepares documents on issues relating to, inter alia, family, civil, land, education, and tax law.

MCU students have an opportunity to practice their professional skills alongside with competent lawyers, consult on emerging issues as well as undertake introductory, practical, and undergraduate internship.

The students willing to undertake internship at the Office are to get acquainted with the Code of Ethics.


address: Room 111, 16-10 Novokuznetskaya str., Moscow, 119017
tel.: 8 (903) 019 62 30, 8 (495) 959 55 58

Sergei Feklin

Post: Associate Professor, Head of The Legal Counseling Office
Academic credentials: Candidate of Legal Science, Associate Professor

Vera Chernogubova

Specialist of the Legal Counselling Office


Anna Pavlova

Assistant of Legal Counselling Office