Master’s degree programs

Field of study Program Study mode

Full time Part-time Extra-mural
Psychology and Pedagogy Art Psychology and Art Therapy in Education 2 years 2.5 years
Organizational and Psychological Technologies in Professional Education 2.5 years
Design and Expertise of Pre-school Education (Theory by Lev Vygotsky) 2 years
Development of Children’s Giftedness (distance learning) 2 years
Development of Human Potential: Personalization and Digitalization of Education (distance learning) 2 years
Drama Education and Directing Learning Environment 2 years
Pedagogy Activity-based Educational Approach to Teaching Physics and Natural Sciences 2 years
Coach Designer of Activity-Based Educational Practices
Media in Education 2 years
Education Policy 2 years
Management of Educational Institutions 2 years
Tutoring in Education (distance learning) 2 years
Tutoring in Digital Learning Environment (distance learning) 2 years
Design of Learning Environment 2 years
Psychology Psycholinguistics of Persuasive Speech 2 years