The Study Center of Russian as a Foreign Language, MCU RFL Study Center

The Center offers a variety of opportunities to study Russian in Moscow, providing excellent learning environment to improve language skills fast and easy.
You can choose between the following options:

  • Online study course (96 hours) is designed for Russian language learners of A-1 (elementary) proficiency level to develop language skills for everyday communication, as well as Russian for business and tourism.
  • Contact study course (20 hours).
  • Summer RFL study courses.
  • Teacher’s training program “Russian as a Foreign Language”.
  • Conferences, seminars and workshops on approaches to teaching RFL. 

Russian Language and Culture program

It is a one-term exchange program.
Duration: 16 weeks (usually in spring, starting second week of February – until the beginning of June, with one-week holidays in May).

The course consists of two core modules:

  • Practical Russian including conversation classes, the video course and the course in Business Russian.
  • Russian Culture. This module aims to give a general introduction to Russian culture and has a purposefully broad scope, combining evidence from visual and applied arts, architecture, music, food, traditions and attitudes. 

Apart from core modules, international students can also choose optional modules that they attend together with regular Russian students, in order to maximize their exposure to Russian, both formally and informally. At the end of study, students are issued a certificate and a transcript.

For more information please contact Professor Vladislav Alpatov, Coordinator of the program.