Mathematics and Mechanics

  • Future prospects  Production: high-tech military industry, space and aircraft engineering, machine construction, development of new materials. Social and economic sphere: insurance companies, funds, financial organizations and business structures.


  • Research areas  Physical and mathematical models, numerical algorithms, experimental investigating methods of material properties, natural phenomena, physical and chemical processes. 

Earth Science

  • Future prospects  oil, gas and petroleum sector, groundwater industry, environment protection companies, civil engineering and construction agencies.

  • Research areas Structure, evolution and properties of Earth and geospheres: lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere. Geophysical fields, solid and liquid natural deposits. Search, investigation and exploitation of mineral deposits, management of natural resources, geoinformational technologies, regional planning, designing and forecasting, ecological expertise of all kinds of anthropogenic activities. 

Physical education and sports

  • Future prospects: professional sports clubs, national sporting associations, governing bodies and other related sporting agencies, private health and fitness clubs, public sports and recreation facilities, schools, further education and higher education institutions 

  • Research areas: adapted physical activity, health psychology, coaching studies, sports psychology, physiology, recreation, sports and tourism 


  • Future prospects: development and implementation of legal regulations; consulting; law enforcement 

  • Research areas: social relations in the area of lawmaking, implementation of legal norms, law enforcement


  • Future prospects: educational and public health institutions; culture, sports and military organizations, social services, economic and administrative organs, research and consulting organizations providing psychological services to people and companies.

  • Research areas: psychological processes and mental states; their manifestations in various areas of human activity, interpersonal relations and social cooperation.

Computer Science

  • Future prospects: IT consultancies and IT service providers; IT departments of major organizations in telecommunications, aerospace and defense, financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, agricultural, public and third sectors; web design and consultancy.

  • Research areas: computers and calculating machinery, systems and networks, computer and industrial software; mathematical, informational, technical, linguistic, software, ergonomic, organizational and legal support of automated systems; high-performance computer hardware; design techniques for computers and software.

Political Science

  • Future prospects: government authorities and administrative organizations (federal, local and municipal levels), political parties, local and international organizations. Research in the areas of political science, foreign, Russian and Asian studies, international relations, public affairs and social sciences. Teaching degree programs at dedicated institutions.

  • Research areas: political, economic, social, demographic and linguistic processes at the local, national and international levels; international relations and foreign policy, political expertise and consulting; historical evolution; cultural, ethnic, language and religious practices.

Philosophy and Religion

  • Future prospects: media organizations, cultural and public institutions, government and municipal authorities; education and research centers.

  • Research areas: areas of social and cultural environment, such as science, art, religion; cognitive processes; theory and practice of public communications; forms of human social activity.

History and Archaeology

  • Future prospects: museums and archives, cultural institutions; think tanks, public and government organizations.

  • Research areas: historical processes and phenomena in social, cultural and economic spheres; historical records.


  • Future prospects: banks, non-profit organizations, consultancies, insurance and accountancy firms, government departments and think tanks.

  • Research areas: fundamental problems of economics, methods of economic analysis; applied economics of economic agents, markets and systems.

Education and Pedagogy

  • Future prospects: central government departments, community and voluntary organizations, museums, social services, schools and universities.

  • Research areas: educational and sociocultural systems; teaching, mentoring, development and social adjustment processes; teaching expertise and monitoring.

Language and Literature

  • Future prospects: advertising, marketing and public relations agencies; media organizations; publishing companies, educational institutions.

  • Research areas: theory and practice of Russian and foreign languages; functional and pragmatic aspects of native and foreign languages; synchronic and diachronic linguistics; social and comparative linguistics, dialectology; Russian and foreign literature, publicistic writing, critical literary practice; verbal folklore, ancient texts; oral and written communication; linguistic technologies in information systems.