The Department for Lifelong Learning is an open educational resource for professional and personal growth. Established in 2011, the Department has been coordinating MCU institutes, assisting in design and implementation of new educational programs.

Currently, we offer more than 500 professional trainings, arrange conferences, seminars and workshops. Our staff include top-tier academics affiliated with different MCU institutes and high-caliber teaching professionals — authors of schoolbooks and study guides.

We offer

  • Advanced and professional development trainings for teachers and education managers that address acute modern issues and tasks
  • Additional trainings for students, which they can attend along with their degree studies
  • New knowledge and skills for schoolchildren, their parents, elderly people and anyone interested

The Department for Lifelong Learning provides more than 200 programs that meet the demands of the trainees and have been designed for specific professions.

You can choose your personal way of learning: either part-time or distance, or professional internship.

Unique tools to customize your learning:

  • Defining areas for professional growth online
  • Customizing learning modules
  • Training teams of teachers
  • Network programs in cooperation with partner companies 

After completion of each course, all participants receive a certificate or diploma confirming their professional level.

Learn throughout life with us!