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Period of Study

2 years

Tuition fees (per semester)

109 200 RUB

Program coordinator

Igor Remorenko

MCU Rector, Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Entrance exams 2018

Entrance exams
Minimum score 1

Management in Education

1 Minimum score is a pass score for competitive admission


This program is practice-oriented and aimed at training educators able to analyze and define new trends in education, as well as predict the evolution of education systems based on social and cultural aspects of human development. The purpose of the program is to cultivate an understanding of best management and methodological solutions for education, and an ability to design and efficiently apply management, educational and innovative technologies for the reformed national educational standards.
The graduates will be able to conduct assessment of educational environments and evaluate the quality of offered education; to improve educational environments in order to create optimal conditions for personal development of students; manage educational projects and initiatives.


The program includes 5 content modules:

  • Education policy
    The module is aimed at developing systematic and critical thinking via analysis of methodological issues of education, engagement in the education design practices, cultivating up-to-date understanding of modern trends in Russian education.
  • Education content
    The module features educational program design and quality assessment systems.
  • Finance in education
    The module includes the modern financing tools for education quality management.
  • Education Law
    The module comprises the general administrative and legal issues regarding educational institutions, and legal groundwork for implementing educational programs.
  • Big data analysis
    The module features approaches to education management based on the big data, monitoring processes, and digital environments.


  • The program consists of content modules and applies distance learning technologies and digital educational environments.
  • The students work upon their graduate projects that comprise design and implementation of an actual learning initiative at an educational institution.
  • The students’ works are evaluated with the use of specialized digital tools.


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